2022 sales figures: MMFA returns to pre-pandemic sales levels

Munich, 19 April 2023 – The global sales figures of MMFA members show an overall decline of -14% for multilayer flooring across all categories in 2022 compared to 2021. This declining trend has spread across the globe with the exception of two regions: Africa and Australia/Oceania. The category “wood” suffered the most last year with almost -16% sales decline compared to 2021. When it comes to polymers products, the loss represents -13% of the total sales.

Volume per category

Overall, in the wood category, the decline was widespread, with sales down -16% across the globe and 12.8 million m² sold. Similarly, sales of polymer products fell by -13% with 91 million m² sold in 2022.

LVT flexible click is the category that suffered the most with a decrease of -31% (32 million m² sold). MMFA members sold 7.3 million m² of EPC products which represents a drop of -21%. Finally, for the best performing category, the sales volume of SPC products increased, by +5.5% for the former  to a total of 51.6 million m² sold.

Volumes per regions

The decline of all polymer products remained relatively mild in Europe. Despite the drops in sales, the biggest markets are still the same compared to 2021. Western Europe continues to be the first region in terms of volume with 49.5 million m² sold, a decrease of -8% compared to 2021. Germany (15 million m² sold in 2022) and France (13 million m²) are the countries where  MMFA members are the most successful. They are followed by the US with 30 million m², which represents a decline of -22% compared to the 2021 sales figures.  In contrast, Australia/Oceania with +20% (976.886 m²) and Africa with +18.5% (775.599 m²) experienced growth in 2022.

In Europe, the SPC category is the most successful with 27.3 million m² sold in 2022 (+11%), followed by LVT click 17 million m² sold (-27%), and EPC (4.4 million m² sold; -9%)

Losses in the wood category were as high as -24% (-36.846 m²) in North America and -16% in both Western Europe (-2.258.162 m²) and Latin America (-7.163 m²), while Australia/Oceania observed the highest growth with +401% and 7.417 m² sold in 2022 (+5.938 m² compared to 2021).

MMFA’s single market champions

For all polymer click products, the US was MMFA’s members’ biggest market globally last year with 30.3 million m² sold (-22% compared to 2021). In Western Europe, the top three countries were Germany (15 million m²; -10%), France (13 million m²; -7%), and Great Britain (4 million m²; -14.5%).

At the global scale, the US was also the biggest market for rigid click last year, with 19.8 million m² (-8%) sold in total, followed by Germany (10 million m²; +2%) and France (7 million m²; +20%). Taking a closer look at the Eastern European market, Poland ranks first (1.3 million m²; -3%), followed by the Czech Republic (750.231 m²; +37%).

When it comes to sales of LVT click, France continues to be MMFA members’ biggest market for flexible LVT click products in Western Europe, with 5.9 million m² sold despite a decrease of 27% in sales volume. It is followed by Germany with 4.9 million m² (-27.5%), and Great Britain (2.3 million m²; -28%). In Eastern Europe, the Russian Federation was the biggest market for LVT click in 2022 (647.327 m²; -29%). In North America, the US still stands as the biggest market, having sold 10.5 million m² (-39%) of LVT click products in 2022.

For wood products, MMFA’s biggest markets in 2022 were Germany (8,5 million m²; -16%), Austria (1.4 million m²; -7%) and Denmark (434.222 m²; -29%). In Eastern Europe, the Czech Republic was the biggest market, with 413.439 m² sold (-4%).

With sales figures falling back to 2019 levels, the pandemic has clearly turned the MMF sector upside down and indicates that the large increase in sales volumes between 2020 and 2021 was an artificial one. The consumer craze for renovation and DIY as well as the increase of stored volumes by distributors and retailers have boosted sales figures in recent years. However, the higher logistical and raw material costs have deeply affected the sales of MMFA members in 2022. In addition, the conflict in Ukraine and the subsequent energy crisis have had a major impact on MMFA members’ sales. It is therefore difficult to assess whether the decline in MMF flooring sales figures will last or whether the market will soon return to its normal rhythm.


About MMFA: The Multilayer Modular Flooring Association is an organisation representing the leading producers of flooring in Europe and their suppliers. The association was established in October 2012 in Munich, Germany, by seven European flooring producers. It is now managed out of Brussels.