Transition mouldings

Treshold strips, expansion and edge profiles
In doorways, for room dividing expansion joints and transition areas where different floor coverings meet, suitable expansion mouldings with sufficient clearance should be installed. Suitable edging profiles should also be installed next to patio doors and floor-to-ceiling window facades / windows reaching down to the floor.

Additional information on skirting boards
Since the dimensions of floating floor coverings can change depending on material composition, humidity and temperature, it is particularly important to provide a dilatation joint between wall and flooring. The expansion joints required can easily be covered with corresponding plinths.

In order to avoid damage by condensation, ventilated skirting boards should definitely be used for wooden substructures.

Skirtings do not only look good, they also bring along practical advantages.

Among other things they result in a closed flooring surface perimeter which allows easy cleaning and protect the walls from contamination and bumps, e.g. caused by dragging of chairs or other furniture. Skirtings are available in different shapes, colours and compositions.

In addition to the conventional mounting options like screwing or nailing, some types of skirting are easily installed thanks to a convenient click system.