Standards and references – Installation

EN 4725 – Warm water underfloor heating system
EN 1264 – Water based surface embedded heating and cooling
EN 18202 – Tolerances in building construction – Buildings
EN 18299 – General rules applying to all types of construction work
EN 18365 – Flooring work
EN 16511 – Loose-laid panels – Semi-rigid multilayer modular floor covering (MMF) panels with wear resistant top layer

BEB Bundesverband Estrich und Belag e.V. (Federal Association of Screed and Floor Covering) leaflet – “Heated and non-heated flooring structures”

MMFA Technical Bulletin TB 1 – Unterlays
TB 1- Underlay materials under Multilayer Modular Floor Coverings (MMF) – Test Standards and Performance Indicators

MMFA Technical Bulletin TB 2 – Installation
TB 2 – Installation of Multilayer Modular Floor Coverings (MMF)