Why underlays?

When floating multilayer modular floor coverings are installed, an underlay may be placed between the substrate and the floor covering. This offers various additional benefits to the floor covering system. The underlay not only reduces the need for extensive subfloor preparations but also offers protection for the floor covering, resulting in a satisfactory long lasting service life.

Underlays offer additional benefits:

  • Ensure satisfactory installation
    This includes levelling unevenness and creating a level installation surface so that a floating floor can be properly installed.
  • Protect the floor permanently
    The requirements for suitable underlays are aimed at protecting the floor from daily wear and tear such as falling objects and walking, as well as shielding the floor from rising residual building moisture or damp.
  • Improve the properties of the floor
    In addition to the reduction of impact sound and walking noise, the underlay also influences heat insulation and walking comfort.

Download the MMFA Technical Bulletin free of charge:

“TB 1 – Underlay Materials under Multilayer Modular Floor Coverings (MMF) – Test Standards and Performance Indicators”

Important note: The information given on this website and in the MMFA Technical Bulletin TB1 highlight application-oriented requirements and the technical performance indicators for assessing if the underlay meets the intended purpose of the floor covering system.

In general, the entire flooring system – in other words, the combination of multilayer modular floor covering with underlay – has to be chosen to meet the required needs of the use application.

By following the minimum recommendations for the underlays as specified in this technical bulletin, you will reduce the risk of product damage (e.g. damage to the joining system) of the floorcovering. These recommendations are based on the current level of knowledge. They will be able to minimize potential complaints within the warranty period for the flooring system.

The provisions and figures contained on this website and in the MMFA technical bulletin do not in any way lay claim to completeness. They reflect as far as reasonably possible the current state of the art. They are meant to serve as nonbinding guidelines in conjunction with the installation instructions which apply specifically to the product in question. Warranty claims cannot be derived from the provisions of this text. If any doubt exists as to any of the provisions contained herein, the manufacturer/supplier of the respective MMF product should be consulted. Any country-specific legal requirements are binding and are to be observed at all times.