Further notes on the cleaning and care of MMF flooring

Please also heed the respective notes of the flooring manufacturers and suppliers!

  • After laying, appropriate protective covers should protect the flooring in areas which are still much frequented during the construction phase.
  • One has to reckon with interactions or migrations when using tapes on flooring. Therefore, the respective manufacturer has to confirm compatibility of the tapes in advance.
  • Chair, table and furniture feet should be/have been equipped with suitable protective slides or underlays to avoiding any damage of the floor covering surface by furniture. You get these from the MMFA member companies for instance.
  • Preferably light-coloured, migration-free furniture slides should be preventively used.
  • Contact surfaces of chair and furniture slides should lie flat and rounded on the edges.
  • Metal slides can corrode in connection with moisture thus causing stains on the flooring.
  • We recommend the use of special protective slides in educational institutions.
  • Only use suitable chair and furniture castors acc. to DIN EN 12529 (type: soft wheels). Chair castors as well as chair and furniture slides should be regularly checked and maintained.
  • Terracotta or clay flowerpots/tubs can cause discolorations on the flooring. Please use suitable, migration-free coasters.
  • Avoid trapped moisture under equipment pieces.
  • Coloured rubber, India rubber or plastic slides and castors as well as dark car, bicycle or equipment tyres may possibly cause discolorations on the flooring. If possible, please use light-coloured, migration-free furniture slides, castors or tyres and heed the manufacturers’ specifications.
  • Chemicals and other coloured substances can result in changes to the surface depending on concentration and constituents and should therefore be immediately removed from the floor covering surface on contact.
  • High point loads at little contact area may possibly result in irreversible indentations or damage. If necessary, use suitable and sufficiently dimensioned underlays for load distribution in case of high point loads.
  • Walking on flooring with stilettos or high heels can result in damage to the floor covering surface.
  • Anti-slip and safe walking properties of flooring is decisively influenced by dirt ingress, frequency of cleaning and the cleaning/care products used. Please only use cleaning/care products of one manufacturer which are compatible with one another.
  • Scouring powder, sanitary cleaners, acids or strong solvents may possibly result in damage to floor covering surface and furnishings.
  • UV light-caused fading and colour changes on flooring can be prevented by using sufficiently dimensioned shading on windows and patio doors.
  • Coloured wound and skin disinfectants as well as hair dyes or peroxide-containing bleaching agents may cause irreversible flooring discolorations. If there should be any uncertainty pertaining to using chemical, dying substances or foodstuffs, a durability test on an inconspicuous area of the flooring or on a non-installed piece of flooring should be carried out first of all.