Good reasons for MMF flooring

There is one key reason why modular multilayer floors enjoy market success: No other floor covering combines the many advantages of different flooring categories in a single product.

Thanks to the benefits of floating installation and the innovative click-lock installation technique, laying the planks is a quick and secure process. At the same time, MMF flooring possesses all the positive characteristics of elastic coverings: comfortable to walk on, warm to the touch, good room acoustics and easy to care for. Where there is minimal installation height, these floors offer numerous variations in product structure as well as a remarkable choice of designs across the multilayer segment.

This allows users to select varying degrees of elasticity ranging from semi-rigid cores to fully elastic planks, and thus achieve a broad spectrum of potential applications in both the contract and private sectors.

MMF floors offer many advantages:

  • Because manufacturers frequently supply their product collections either with core boards or as solid material, customers can first of all select their favourite decor and then choose a type of flooring that is suited to the area of use.
  • One of the special advantages of modular multilayer floors is their minimal construction height which makes them ideal for use in the building renovation sector. More and more products with a medium thickness wear layer of 0.3 to 0.55 mm are available for the premium residential sector as well as for light loading in the commercial sector (usage classification 23/31 and 23/32).
  • Due to its structure, MMF floors have a positive impact on room acoustics and are also easier on the feet and legs.
  • Photo-realistic decors with ultra-precise 3D surface structure designs and the option of genuine joint formations has long been a standard feature of modular multilayer floors.
  • In every case, the surface displays a perfect reproduction of a material such as ceramic, stone, wood or concrete.
  • Innovative digital printing technology opens up new possibilities for customising decors.
  • The wide range of modern surface decors, colours and shapes, not to mention their advanced technical features, makes it easy for modular multilayer floors to continue conquering an increasing number of market segments.
  • In bathrooms and kitchens, modular multilayer floors with a large tile format can be used as an alternative to ceramic tiles and are naturally warmer underfoot.
  • When it comes to multilayer planks, extra-long boards are in demand, with extra-large and extra-wide planks available to satisfy the current popular trend for rustic-style furnishing.
  • High-quality coatings make the wear layer on MMF planks particularly scratch-resistant and abrasion-proof, thus giving them a very long service life. Alongside the existing glossy and matt appearances, some manufacturers have also introduced ultra-matt look surfaces into their range.
  • The surface finish of MMF floors makes them easy to clean and look after.
  • In the production technology of modular multilayer flooring, a combination of environmental and sustainability aspects are increasingly coming to the fore, and the proportion of product ranges now being developed using recyclable bio-based materials is growing accordingly.
  • Modular multilayer systems suitable for wet rooms or for installing over conventional hot water underfloor heating continue to gain ground.
  • Vinyl floor covering featuring swell-resistant core boards and, in particular, vinyl solid materials are not sensitive to water and have already become established for kitchen and bathroom flooring. Sales of these products are increasing in the commercial sector, too – from shopfitting to doctors’ practices.
  • New developments in installation technology make the range of application possibilities for MMF floors even broader. The innovative “all-round” click system, for example, connects individual elements securely in all directions, which means that different plank and tile formats can be combined in one area. Extra-long planks can be snapped together quickly and securely through the use of ingenious locking systems.
  • And: MMF floors can be walked on immediately after installation.
  • Because it is modular and clicked together, MMF flooring is easy, clean and quick to take up again. It’s also equally simple to dispose of.