Laying MMF boards up to rising components

Rising components = Walls, pillars, etc.

In consideration of the size and geometry of the floor surface, expansion joint profiles should generally be installed as follows:

  • On surfaces larger than 12 m in direction of the length of the individual floor overing planks.
  • On surfaces larger than 8 m in the direction of installation travel.
  • In doorways between rooms.
  • In porch areas.
  • Between offset adjoining rooms.
  • Along the course of expansion joints in the subfloor.

Please note: Constructive expansion joints must be left open up to the floor surface.

Generally work from the left to the right. The springs of the MMF panels face the wall. Lay the panels with the face towards the main light source of the room. In long and narrow rooms you can enhance the stability of the installed floor by laying in longitudinal direction.

Take great care when using installation tools and ensure that elements or connections are not damaged when interlocking.

As a rule, the width of the panel of the first and last row must be at least 10 cm.

Depending on the length of the panel the butt joints (cross joints) should be staggered by at least 25-40 cm.