Expansion joints – floating installation

As MMF floor coverings expand and contract due to changes in ambient temperature or humidity conditions, the MMF flooring should only be laid as a floating installation. Other installation methods must be authorized by the producer in written.

Expansion gaps should be provided at all outside perimeters and around fixed objects such as kitchens, fire places, ovens and doorsteps, also between rooms or as a transition between two different surfaces, as well as in rooms that have complex shapes. Please use distance holders and remove them after finishing the installation.

Door elements and door frames should be undercut to enable elements to be inserted underneath without force.

As a rule of thumb:
Create an expansion gap of min. 1.5 mm per running meter of flooring on each side of the room,
e.g. room width 5 m = approx. 8 mm border joint on each side).
Always ensure that this minimum distance is maintained.

This expansion joint must never be filled with silicone or with electric cables. For safety and warranty reasons, it is essential to follow the manufacturer’s specifications and recommendations.

Please note: Floating floorcoverings should never be fixed to the subfloor!