Value retention and MMF flooring


When first signs of wear should become apparent (e.g. micro scratches) or distinct signs of use are visible on the floor covering surface, refreshing or timely rehabilitation of the floor covering surface is necessary.

Depending on the conditions of use and object situation, refreshing using removable care products or rehabilitation using permanent seals can be advantageous as alternative.

Flooring and object specific initial care with removable care products or permanent sealing is recommended in order to

  • achieve robustness and protective effect (e.g. against alcoholic disinfectants or staining substances) according to usage in object areas which are particularly exposed to wear,
  • as well as reduction of dirt adhesion and
  • relief of ongoing cleaning work.

The risk of moisture ingress of adjacent flooring elements in the joint areas can also be minimised by adequate initial care or sealing.
Notes of the flooring manufacturers and the cleaning and care product manufacturers must be observed and adhered to due to the differences in the factory surface treatments!