Preventive Measures for MMF Flooring

Dirt ingress can be avoided!

Dirt Locks and Matting / Clean-off Zones

A great deal of normal dirt ingress can be avoided by installing sufficiently dimensioned dirt locks in front of the entrances and, too, entry matting zones in the entrance areas, which all are included in the ongoing cleaning work.

Chair and furniture slides

Chairs with defective or missing slides or unsuitable chair castors destroy both the surface protection and the flooring and have therefore to be avoided. Deployment of suitable migration-free chair/furniture slides as well as chair/furniture castors (type: soft) is highly recommended (see: Further notes).

Excessive moisture is damaging!

In order to minimise the risk of moisture ingress in the joint areas of adjacent flooring elements in the case of multilayer modular flooring (MMF), any cleaning actions involving increased moisture or risk of ponding and standing moisture have to be avoided.

The risk of penetrating moisture into the joint areas can be decreased by spraying on the cleaning agent using a pressure sprayer or similar and deploying suitable cleaning machines.

It has to be ensured that not any moisture (by cleaning actions) can get between floor and underlay.
In mechanical cleaning, the devices and wheel loads have to be adapted to the type of construction.