Post construction cleaning of MMF flooring

The newly laid MMF flooring needs to undergo post construction cleaning before use in order to remove residue and soiling caused by laying and construction.

The post construction cleaining is carried out in two steps:

1. Construction coarse cleaning:

Construction coarse cleaning precedes construction fine cleaning. Dry, loose dirt is being removed by sweeping or vacuum cleaning.

2. Construction fine cleaning:

Use the recommended cleaner in the specified dilution within the scope of construction fine cleaning. Decrease concentration according to the degree of soiling in case of low construction soiling as appropriate. Clean the floor using well squeezed wipe covers in the 2-stage wiping method, which represents the classic wet wiping method. Using a cleaning textile in the first stage, as much cleaning fluid is applied to the floor to soften or remove adhering, water-bound dirt. In the second stage, the resulting dirt residues will be absorbed again with dry or strongly drained cleaning textiles. Using this method, the cleaning effect is stronger than in a single-stage wet wiping. Besides the floor covering surface dries faster that way.

A single disc machine with red pad can alternatively be used in the spray cleaner method if removal of adhesive soiling cannot be eliminated in the wiping method. Mop directly afterwards with clear water. Generally avoid any ponding. If a neutral cleaner is being used within the scope of the spray cleaner method, a very effective cleaning result can thus be achieved. In this way, a compacted and thus heavy-duty care film is being generated at the same time when a floor-care product for damp mopping is used. This protects the floor against mechanical stress and also facilitates maintenance cleaning.