Basic cleaning of MMF flooring

1. Spray the recommended basic cleaner on the floor in specified dilution (e.g. using a manual pressure sprayer) and leave to work in up to 5-10 minutes (product-dependent) depending on persistence of the residues to be removed. Absolutely avoid ponding in any case! Note: the basic cleaner must not dry off. This may result in less adhesion of the coating/care film application in subsequently applied coatings.

2. Afterward, scrub the flooring with a single disc machine and abrasive pad (e.g. green pad).

Note: Use a red pad instead of a green one in case the flooring is not intended to be worked in after basic cleaning.

Rework structured surfaces with a scrubbing brush to remove adhering dirt in flooring recesses.

3. With full absorption of the dirt residues (e.g. with a spray extraction cleaner with wet extraction nozzle) completed, neutralise the flooring with clear and possibly warm water until all dirt and cleaning agent residues have been completely removed.