The MMF industry is on a fast track to sustainability

Brussels, 9 December 2022 - In 2023, the multilayer modular flooring industry will continue the transition to better respond to the market demand for natural and sustainable products.

Increasing sustainability solutions, maintaining product quality

Over the years, sustainability has become a central element in the production of MMF floorings. The members of MMFA embrace it without losing sight of the need to deliver a high-end product of quality, authenticity, and endurance. This is why more and more MMF flooring producers are turning to sustainably sourced materials.

Some products have been on the rise for a few years. This is the case of rigid clic floors which are more and more popular with consumers thanks to their installation and maintenance simplicity as well as to their recyclability potential.

Increasing investment in research and development

Innovation is also at the heart of the activity of our members who continue to invest in research and development to come with innovative sustainable solutions for tomorrow’s MMF floors throughout their life cycle. They are constantly looking for new technologies and materials that will allow their products to meet the durability, waterproof, high quality, and aesthetic requirements of their customers.

Health is also an essential aspect of the renewal that some members are operating. This means including more raw natural materials. The MMF sector is increasingly looking to renewable materials such as cork, wood, natural gums and other types of fibres.

Trying times need comforting designs

Living through a multi-crisis is not easy, to say the least. Global difficulties cause us to yearn for simple but functional solutions characterised by warmth and intimacy. On top of this, the trend towards sustainability has leaked into aesthetic tastes just as much as technical product design.

Consumers have expressed a desire to reconnect with nature within the home. Natural elements are making a comeback, with enthusiasm for gentle wood designs, calming stone effects, soft matte finishes, rustic patterns, and subtle knots and cracks characterising demand. This celebration of traditional craftsmanship complements the environmental shift among customers and industries alike.

The forecasted colour palette for 2023 furthers this exquisitely peaceful decor. Neutral, light, liveable colours are in vogue – imagine easy pastels, soft greys, and warm earth tones, all topped off with a natural matte finish. Simple flooring allows the furniture to do the talking and fosters the calm atmosphere the consumer craves. In 2023, MMF floor will even feel more authentic. In addition, wider plank formats are becoming more popular to create a calmer appearance in the room and iconic herringbone, chevron, and ornamental floorings continue to be the customers’ favourite to fit into modern interiors. MMFA truly has thought of everything from the ground up.


About MMFA: The Multilayer Modular Flooring Association is an organisation representing the leading producers of flooring in Europe and their suppliers. The association was established in October 2012 in Munich, Germany, by seven European flooring producers. The management of MMFA has moved to Brussels since November 2019.



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