New MMFA website now suitable for mobile devices

The MMFA – the Multilayer Modular Flooring Association – has given its website a modern, new look. The address remains the same, but now features a responsive web design with a dynamic graphic structure, which means it can be viewed on all mobile devices. It gives a wealth of information on modular multilayer flooring, both in English and German, and provides free Technical Bulletins aimed at industry specialists.

The comprehensive ‘Products’ section gives basic information on the definition of MMF floor coverings and their characteristics, together with illustrations of product structures included in MMFA product classes 1, 2 and 3. The specialised topics ‘Underlays’, ‘Installation’ and ‘Cleaning & Care’ are covered in detail by the MMFA. Up-to-date reports on the results of MMFA research projects can be found under the headings ‘Locking strength’ and ‘Temperature resistance’, and MMFA Technical Bulletins can be downloaded free of charge from the ‘Download’ section. Those wishing to find out more can communicate directly with the experts at the MMFA by using the contact form.

Another area of interest concerns the worldwide sales trends for producers in the Association: clicking on ‘Statistics’ takes you to the sales figures for the MMFA, which are published annually. General information on the structure of the association, together with its main aims and tasks, is included under the ‘Association’ tab. A list of all ordinary, extraordinary and supporting members can be accessed via the ‘Members’ tab. Information on the current work of the MMFA can be found in the ‘Press’ section, where the Association’s press releases (including images) are available for direct download.

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mfnd1704_b1: The MMFA’s new website is now mobile friendly. – Graphic: MMFA



mfne1705_b1: The MMFA’s new website is now mobile friendly. – Graphic: MMFA

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